The 2 brothers, Javier & Jose Rodriguez, began an incredible journey when coming to the United States in 1984 from a small village in Mexico, Cuautla, Jalisco, which is very well known for having exquisite home style recipes. This small town is located between Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta in the state of Jalisco... Let’s remember that Jalisco is also the land of Mariachi and Tequila Ay, ayaaiiiiii … ahua !



  Just like many others, these 2 brothers had dreams and were visionaries. But their starting point in the food industry began as dishwashers, busboys, cooks, waiters, and up to management position at 2 different local restaurants in Seattle, Washington.


  By 1989, Javier & Jose Rodriguez decided to make their dream come true as they opened their 1st restaurant in Kennewick, Washington, naming it “INCA MEXICAN RESTAURANT.”


  These brothers have had a great respect for the Latin-American ancient cultures since their elementary education in Mexico,and felt an admiration for the Inca cultural background as much as for the Mayans’ and Aztecs’. So,they decided to embrace, invite, and honor all these ancient cultures by fusing the words INCA and MEXICAN together… Reminding all our guests at every visit, that at Inca Mexican Restaurants everyone is welcome!


  Today, INCA MEXICAN RESTAURANTS offer to its guests a unique taste, service, and beautiful atmosphere with its gorgeous murals, original recipes and its own signature creations, such as the “Inca Margarita!” Guests may enjoy all of these at its 4 current locations, 3 in Washington State, and 1 in Fort Collins, Colorado.


  The Rodriguez brothers are grateful to the communities that have supported Inca Mexican Restaurants with their business and also with their critics for over 17 years, and, along with their valuable team, invite you all to celebrate the success of INCA MEXICAN RESTAURANTS at any of our locations!

Visit us at any of our current 4 locations to view menu and specials :

201 N Edison Suite 248, Kennewick, WA 99336

Tel. 509-735-6098

Fax. 509-374-1858

1813 Leslie Road

Richland, WA 99352

Tel. 509-628-1070

Fax. 509-628-1389

404 E Third Avenue

Moses Lake, WA 98837

Tel. 509-766-2426

Fax. 509-766-7664

2413 S College

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Tel. 970-484-3400

Fax. 970-484-2168